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Oct 2016
Forrest Chang
Oct 13 2016 01:38

@elia @catmando @iliabylich does this javascript representation familiar? see attached image above

It's supposed to be "string" and was obtained with

object.class.to_s.gsub(/:+/, "_").downcase.to_sym

trying to debug opal-console on 0.10.2, thinking something has changed w/symbols or something

Mitch VanDuyn
Oct 13 2016 01:42
I do remember seeing this once, but I cannot remember where or how...
Forrest Chang
Oct 13 2016 01:53
somehow a string is getting converted to that
Jamie Gaskins
Oct 13 2016 02:12
@fkchang It happens when you create a string with new String(string).
in JS, that is.
If you use the String() function, it handles it as a typical string, but new String() works differently.
Forrest Chang
Oct 13 2016 02:14
@/all false start, that string seems to work, it seems that arity is returning undefined
Forrest Chang
Oct 13 2016 02:22
arity should be -1, but it's undefined, other arity calls seem to work. method is defined w/ a define_method
Forrest Chang
Oct 13 2016 15:15
@/all random observation, the crystal gitter channel is really active, wish the opal related channels could be such. I will note that it seems the bulk of the participation is from the irc side of things (they have an irc to gitter bridge). Perhaps we should have set one up, but I have to say I haven't checked opal irc in ages
Elia Schito
Oct 13 2016 15:39
great to see Inesita on ruby weekly! just after hyperloop the last week :)