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Oct 2016
Jonas Tehler
Oct 28 2016 08:09
Has anyone tried running Opal on AWS Lambda?
Mitch VanDuyn
Oct 28 2016 15:54
@jget currently they dont natively support ruby, so you would actually run opal on the server as well... it would work fine especially if it was mainly a small backend for a large SPA. You would have to cobble together a tool chain to make it work.
@elia - sorry to reach out directly to you, but any chance you or anybody knows what I am doing wrong that I can't get these source maps turned off?
Jamie Gaskins
Oct 28 2016 21:40
@jegt I remember @Mogztter saying he was going to give it a shot. I've thought about it, but I also don't know anything about Lambda to begin with so I don't have a foundation to build on. :-)