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Nov 2016
Bernhard Weichel
Nov 04 2016 07:14
@jgaskins my app zupfnoter is pure client side. I was not aware of v8 being slower than safari. as a pity zupfnoter does not fully work in edge, had no time to investigate why.
Jamie Gaskins
Nov 04 2016 15:03

@bwl21 Apologies, I didn't mean for that to sound as condescending as it did. I meant that it's been that way for a while. Jeff Atwood (from Stack Exchange) and Tom Dale (from the Ember core team) wrote blog posts a while back about this. They were specifically about mobile web performance, but there was a bit in both of them about Chrome's subpar JS performance.

More recently, I've found it's slower to parse, as well — #1548 has benchmarks for a hello-world Clearwater app in both Chrome and Safari on various versions of Opal.