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Nov 2016
Forrest Chang
Nov 10 2016 18:12
@/all Does the notion of a "opal unconference" appeal enough to folks that we could actually make it happen
by unconference, I'm picking that term to be "we don't have to do it like normal conferences". I think we should have some talks, but just getting folks in a room or 3 together to share, hack, expand, see what the others are doing I think could be very valuable
I suppose the hardest issue is central location for US and Europe that is convenient and affordable. A virtual conf, which seems popular these days, could address that somewhat, except for timezones, but it misses the unconference part where I could just grab somoene working on similar and pair hack in a corner, etc.
Mitch VanDuyn
Nov 10 2016 22:32
do it as a some kind of joint ruby meetup, between a bunch of existing meetup groups.
so each meetup group would host a conference in their location, and all would linked together.