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Jan 2017
Tomasz Wegrzanowski
Jan 07 2017 12:57
i'm somewhat confused
i tried to add s.add_runtime_dependency "opal-browser", "~> 0.2.0" to gemspec
and it bundles to Gemfile.lock just fine
but then when I try to require it, I get sprockets error and opal-browser is not on the list of search paths
Tomasz Wegrzanowski
Jan 07 2017 13:19
i got it to TypeError: MouseEventConstructor is not a constructor (evaluating 'new MouseEvent("click")') in specs, can't get past it
Tomasz Wegrzanowski
Jan 07 2017 13:25
it seems like opal-browser and opal-rspec/phantomjs might be incompatible
Forrest Chang
Jan 07 2017 21:57
@taw might be a version issue, @meh uses rspec, so I know it's worked at some point