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Feb 2017
Bernhard Weichel
Feb 15 2017 13:23
@elia I updated to Opal 0.10.3 and see my app slowing down. one benchmark wit 0.9.0 was 1.9 sec, now it is 2.6 sec. Is 0.10.3 or even 0.11.0 know to be 25% slower?
Jamie Gaskins
Feb 15 2017 14:23
@bwl21 Can you post a gist to reproduce the benchmark?
Elia Schito
Feb 15 2017 16:27
@bwl21 it's entirely possible depending on which areas of the codebase are "stressed" by the app, the more we progress in being compliant with the ruby spec the more overhead it will get. The right thing to do is to improve performance at the same time. As @jgaskins said a reproducible case would be great to identify the issue and see what can be done. 🙂
@bwl21 did you check performances against master too?
Bernhard Weichel
Feb 15 2017 18:25
@elia @jgaskins I cannot provide a Gist and I also do not want to ask you to install Zupfnoter. I am currently woking on instrumenting my App do do performance optimization. I will try to extract an expressive benchmark then. Are there any benchmarks which are performed on the CI server which would show the trends for the performance?