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Mar 2017
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 20 2017 16:39
Any hints on precompiling / compressing Opal code in a gem?
Ilya Bylich
Mar 20 2017 16:55
@catmando If your code is static you can simply put it on CDN
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 20 2017 17:05
@iliabylich thanks... what I am thinking is that I would precompile and pre-minify our hyperloop gems. That way when you used the gems during development you would not get this big payload. Understand that in production it happens automatically. I just want to pre-minify it. Also it would get rid of this annoying massive amounts of source maps which we can't get rid of. Also it would make initial boot time quicker. Right now it takes about 30 seconds for the first boot of the server as it compiles all that stuff.
Forrest Chang
Mar 20 2017 23:13
@catmando I'm assuming you have source maps turned off? I would like the ability to download one big sourcemap file - they're handy, instead of the gazillion that come out
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 20 2017 23:15
yes I have them turned off, but it still seems to want to generate them (perhaps just not download them?) I'm not sure. Perhaps its not source maps at all, but just the initial compile time. Either case precompiling gems would be a big help speed wise.