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May 2017
Htoo Eain Lwin
May 25 2017 09:40
hello guys. I downloaded opal.js and run on my rails server and it works. but it doesn't work on pure html file. I have to use cdn instead to work.
Any ideas?
Htoo Eain Lwin
May 25 2017 09:55
My story is I wrote PORO and compiled to JS via ( and downloaded ( and put it in my vendor.
and tested my compiled js in rails server and it worked perfect. But I would like to use that compiled js without rails server. Therefore, I put opal.js and compiled js in simple html file and it test on browser and it does raise error on opal.js but when I replaced downloaded opal.js with cdn link, it worked.
Forrest Chang
May 25 2017 16:50
I think there's good potential to get exposure hitting a key aspect of Ruby philosophy - making the dev happy
Elia Schito
May 25 2017 19:52
@htoo-eain-lwin could be related to bootstrapping, my advice is to use the gems we provide to get a better more solid experience
For rails: gem "opal-rails"
For simple HTML files: gem install opal; opal -e "puts 'hello world'" -c > hello.js and then use hello.js in your HTML file
@fkchang saw the video and kinda read the thread (thanks to twitter broken thread viewer), he didn't seem very interested but the final advice seems good: remove any pain-points the user might encounter
Elia Schito
May 25 2017 19:58
Wathing the video I immediately thought about opal when he cited clojurescript and his relationship with JS…