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Aug 2017
Bernhard Weichel
Aug 20 2017 10:54

I wanted to update to 0.11.rc1 and found a difference in the compilateion result:

    abc          = `localStorage.setItem('abc_data', #{abc});`

transpiles to (0.10.5)

      return abc = localStorage.setItem('abc_data', abc);;

a in 0.11.rc1 it compiles to

      return (abc = localStorage.setItem('abc_data', abc););

Of course the trailing ';' ist not required. Nevertheless it is an issue which might break existing sources. How should we handle this?

Elia Schito
Aug 20 2017 13:31
@taw that is for running the ruby spec which comes with the opal repo, also uses MSpec instead of RSpec, everything about that should be described in the file I linked above
@bwl21 definitely submit an issue about that semicolon, it's a bug and needs to be fixed
Bernhard Weichel
Aug 20 2017 16:41
@elia opal/opal#1696