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Sep 2017
Barrie Hadfield
Sep 07 2017 05:59

@fkchang everything will be documented, and also we plan to write a tutorial for setting up this stack. I have a few details to finish - spent yesterday trying to figure out how to get a catch-all route in Rack (rails: match '*all', to: 'home#page', via: [:get]). We need all URLs to be resolved by the client side ReactRouter and Rack gives a 404). Solved this over night realizing that this is not a Rack problem as we will be deploying the site to Github pages so we would need to solve this somehow independently of Rack. Luckily I found this which will hopefully do the trick. I know that with Rack I can use a custom 404.html as well.

If anyone is interested in this topic, please say, and I will send the link to the project and tutorial when it exists.