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Sep 2017
Adrian Madrid
Sep 14 2017 16:24
@barriehadfield are you running all Hyperloop code (libs too) through Webpack? I would love to have only Webpack assets and get rid of Rails Sprockets altogether
Mitch VanDuyn
Sep 14 2017 19:45
@aemadrid I don't think so, but this is the right forum to ask the question: @/all is the code still maintained that compiles opal using webpack or babel or however that all works. I think there used to be something, but I'm thinking it was not being maintained???
anyway @aemadrid what is wrong with sprockets (unless you are not using rails or sinatra)
Adrian Madrid
Sep 14 2017 20:25
@catmando I’m using rails but I’ve been burned by Sprockets before and I’d rather use only one packer