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Sep 2017
Elia Schito
Sep 19 2017 12:39

@/all FYI the new official domain is (previously was .org), now with HTTPS support :tada:

all redirects should be in place, please let me know if you notice anything off

Adrian Madrid
Sep 19 2017 15:19
@jgaskins thx!
Forrest Chang
Sep 19 2017 17:24
@/all anyone programmatically setting up promise chains in Opal? My scenario is that I have a list of data items that I want to process serially, incrementally updating status along the way , figure @elia, @meh and @jgaskins to be most likely candidates in this departments
Sep 19 2017 17:27
@fkchang you can
just p = p.then(..) in a loop for instance, would work
depends on how you want to do it