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Sep 2017
Barrie Hadfield
Sep 23 2017 09:51

@/all here is a build and deployment stack tutorial based on Rack, Opal Sprockets, Opal Hot Reloader, NPM and Webpack:


  • A Ruby based development environment which is as good as Node.js and Webpack-dev-server.
  • Development environment - a fast, modern, development stack for building Opal based code (including Hyperloop) with a re-build on every page refresh and hot reloading. JavaScript assets via NPM and Webpack.
  • Production build - a minimized production application consisting of just two files

All feedback most welcome. Hope this useful to anyne building a non-rails app. Note that this is designed for Hyperloop but will work for any Opal based framework or Opal app (just ignore the Hyperloop steps)