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Oct 2017
Forrest Chang
Oct 10 2017 16:33 UTC
@elia what I've been unable to figure out in the past is exactly what the browser server interactions should be, I'd like to write a tool that allow me to surpress source maps until I want them, and then cherry pick which ones to load, vs the "load the entire Ruby std lib, all your gems, one file at a time before the browser finishes your requests" behavior that currently happens
Elia Schito
Oct 10 2017 17:01 UTC
@fkchang being this the problem space I think would be valueable to research what other tools/compilers are doing since I fear that's more on the browser side of things. That said I think even a way to skip source maps for certain files (e.g. non user code like core+stdlib) would be useful to reduce noise and make load times faster.