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Oct 2017
Oct 29 2017 19:22
hi, I'm new to opal.
I have a piece of ruby code running in mri and online try-opal but no when compiled in my machine ...
it also fails when linked due to << & ┬┐html? encoding issues
Oct 29 2017 19:31
when compiled and run in node or browser it raises an ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) error
Oct 29 2017 19:42
For the record I found a solution by checking out master version: module_eval with a string requires adding require 'opal-parser'to script.
Oct 29 2017 20:28
Now I get an error like this uncaught exception: bind: undefined methodbind' for nil` my code base doesn't have that anywhere so I supose is an internal opal thing. I've been trying to debug but the stack trace tells nothing to me :disappointed:
Elia Schito
Oct 29 2017 21:52
@chapuzzo can you share the code (if different from that above) and the commands/code used to generate te error?
Jan Biedermann
Oct 29 2017 23:33
@elia about this out of place constant, i found the underlying bug, but still, the String is out of place, it should have been React::Hyperloop::Component::Mixin', i will try to prepare a test case for this in the next days.