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Nov 2017
Philippe Nénert
Nov 10 2017 08:04
@catmando Thank agin !
@catmando All JS in our rails app is with Opal
Ruben De Andrade
Nov 10 2017 08:12
Hello Guys ! I’m working on a Rails Application using Opal. I wanted to now how i can refresh a element of the page without reload the whole page with Opal. Thanks !!
Elia Schito
Nov 10 2017 09:41
@RubenDeAndrade if you're using opal-query you can just Eelement['.my-element-selector'].html = "<h1>hello world</h2>"
There are of course many other options depending on the details of your app
Ruben De Andrade
Nov 10 2017 09:45
@elia Ok I see ! Thanks. By the way, i love using Opal :)
Elia Schito
Nov 10 2017 09:46
Great to hear that! We're in good company! :smile:
Mitch VanDuyn
Nov 10 2017 17:14
@papilip - yeah good for you... We have a medium size app that is now completely in ruby (opal) on the client... a much better way to live :-)
Forrest Chang
Nov 10 2017 18:15
@papilip @RubenDeAndrade glad you enjoy it, consider using opal-hot-reloader -- while the benefits are most dramatic when used with ruby-hyperloop (real time updates of hyperreact components w/o refreshing), still useful for non hyperloop Opal apps, I have a number of older apps I use it with along with either embedded opal-irb and opal-console (which I really need to update these days - it works on newer opal versions but says it doesn't and there's a workaround to get it to work)