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Nov 2017
Nov 17 2017 18:26
hey guys, i had no idea just how on fire crystal is:
BIG BIG opportunity here
Forrest Chang
Nov 17 2017 18:51
@/all anyone used opal w/brunch?
Mitch VanDuyn
Nov 17 2017 20:40
Like I keep saying need crystal to js compiler. I think we could leverage opal for a lot. There are two other projects to do this but not moving fast.
Forrest Chang
Nov 17 2017 20:55
@elia @meh @jgaskins if we were to replace sprockets with a ruby/opal based solution from scratch, what would the bare minimum functionality be (under the assumption that a "sprockets lite" could be both performant and expandable to other backends)
Elia Schito
Nov 17 2017 22:35

@fkchang do you mean something like Opal::Builder? that's pure homebrew stuff, but compared to sprockets it lacks many features, also as @janbiedermann demonstrated, if you set sprockets up correctly it's quite performant… but of course I'm not sure about the real aim so I may misinterpreted

wrt DCE I did some experiments a while ago without much success but I'm still convinced that a dumb tree of calls can be built from each file and method definition in order to eliminate stuff like Struct or String#tr unless it's actually used by the app, unfortunately I'm still in a reduced effort mode thanks to the cute little 5mo baby :baby: that I'm going to swing until asleep in a few moments :smile:

:mega: @/all on the up side I'm almost done with updating all the fundamental libs to work and pass specs with opal 0.11 (opal-rspec is still a bit tricky, but it seems to work more or less). I intend to release Opal 0.11 on the 8 of december :blush: :tada: