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Jan 2018
Jamie Gaskins
Jan 08 2018 00:24
@elia I'll try that branch, too. I didn't think to search existing PRs for that, probably because I was working on it at 3am. I didn't think it'd be doable at compile time without seeing the entire app. Would your branch only work if you require things before using them?
As opposed to assuming something else requires that particular file, that is.
Wait, I may not understand how it's working as well as I thought I did. I can't seem to think of a good example of what I mean.
Elia Schito
Jan 08 2018 01:14
@jgaskins tbh I don’t remember the status of that PR, I had the strategy ready in my mind but it’s possible that the implementation didn’t go very far. If I get enough time I’ll sum up the status of the PR, anyway I linked it more as inspiration rather than as s working base.
Jamie Gaskins
Jan 08 2018 16:43