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Jan 2018
Jamie Gaskins
Jan 20 2018 08:58
@catmando Bowser has a PR open for an implementation of ES6-style promises including Promise.race, which sounds like what you're looking for clearwater-rb/bowser#9
I just rewrote it a few weeks ago and rebased, so it's not actually an 18-month-old implementation I just haven't merged yet. :-) I've been considering merging it for a long time, but it removes all of Bowser's use of Opal's Promise implementation in favor of an API closer to what newer browsers offer natively, which is kinda scary.
Jan Biedermann
Jan 20 2018 17:02
@elia @iliabylich and everybody else working on opal, opal 0.11 is a blessing! Its a giant step forward to ruby on the client! Its just amazing what bugs i find in existing 0.10 code and do keep wondering, "How did this ever work at all?"
I am amzed, fantastic :+1: :+1: :+1: :smile: