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Jan 2018
G. Gibson
Jan 26 2018 00:30
@fkchang : I use a github pull for mine
Elia Schito
Jan 26 2018 08:36
@fkchang we're still on 0.10 but have a branch almost ready for 0.11
Forrest Chang
Jan 26 2018 16:14
@elia thanks, I want to update (long over due) opal-console handling compatibility between different opal versions is rather difficult our production app is 0.8 don't want to strand too many people, but want to move towards supporting 0.11
Colin Gunn
Jan 26 2018 20:17
@fkchang in production on 0.11
Mitch VanDuyn
Jan 26 2018 22:16
@fkchang as I think u know hyperloop is dropping support for opal < 0.11 .
@adamcreekroad is getting catprint up on latest hyperloop and opal. No issues so far