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Jan 2018
Frederic ZINGG
Jan 31 2018 12:16

@elia Hi Elia,
I'm trying to work with D3 and Opal.
I found your article (written in 2014):
And I also found a library:

What is your opinion and your advice in order to get Opal and D3 working well ? Tx.

Jan 31 2018 15:46
hi, @fkchang , I search out a old study project, which bascially just try to reproduce this blog created by you. but i found it not worked now when run rake http, following is error message:
Building http
    throw err;

Error: Cannot find module 'glob'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:469:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:417:25)
    at Module.require (module.js:497:17)
    at require (internal/module.js:20:19)
    at singleton_class_alloc.$$node_require [as $node_require] (/home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:22699:63)
    at /home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:23016:26
    at Opal.modules.nodejs/dir (/home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:23057:5)
    at Object.Opal.load (/home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:2192:7)
    at Object_alloc.Opal.require [as $require] (/home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:2216:17)
    at Opal.modules.nodejs (/home/public/Dropbox/others/Project/opal/0.11/opal-node/http.js:23214:8)
Jan 31 2018 16:09
@/all, Hi, here have a awesome tutorial for opal by @elia, with slide, youtube video. i think maybe some one interest in it.
And, BONUS: we can seem a talk by @elia in video. :smile:
Forrest Chang
Jan 31 2018 22:47
@zw963 did you have the glob module installed? i.e. npm install --save glob
Elia Schito
Jan 31 2018 23:14
@fzingg I never went beyond the article that basically that D3.js says it's kinda hard to wrap, but I think @taw did a great job with opal-d3 and the only thing missing is something more in the readme, like examples etc. That's probably the easiest contribution from anyone approaching the project (HINT HINT! :smile:). Also as a sidenote method_missing should work properly on bridged classes (classes defined in JS outside of Opal).
Frederic ZINGG
Jan 31 2018 23:35
@elia @taw Yes, I tried his opal-d3 and it looks great and works well. The only thing is that it works with OPAL 0.10 and because I combine everything with Hyperloop last version which works only with Opal 0.11, I would need to update the opal-d3. I will see with @taw .