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Feb 2018
Feb 01 2018 17:35
@fkchang , after add glob node module, it worked now, thanks!
G. Gibson
Feb 01 2018 19:36
JavaScript is just a hobbled language - no match for the elegance of Ruby IMO
Forrest Chang
Feb 01 2018 19:58
@mistergibson yes, I never think those thoughts about Ruby
Mitch VanDuyn
Feb 01 2018 20:06
its not javascripts fault. Really. The problem is that JS had to freeze much faster than ruby so had no chance to evolve. In a perfect world instead of JS we would have gone directly to a WASM like VM, with a JS on top letting alternative languages flow from day 1.
G. Gibson
Feb 01 2018 21:11
true enough
maybe it will evolve into a WASM world at some point
I'd dig that - then we could do any language on top of that.
Tomasz Wegrzanowski
Feb 01 2018 22:25
hi guys
so back to my opal-d3 library, I use opal-rspec for testing it, but that doesn't support opal 0.11
what are my other testing options?
Frederic ZINGG
Feb 01 2018 23:37
@taw I'm sure you will get some help about that in this Chat room, but I will ask also in the ruby-hyperloop chat room.