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Feb 2018
Mitch VanDuyn
Feb 04 2018 04:48
@elia so what does #$! do? Is the other weird syntax like that?
Jamie Gaskins
Feb 04 2018 04:54
@catmando Inside strings and backticks, ivars and globals don't need a full #{} and can just use #, and since $! is the current exception within a rescue block, throw $#! between backticks is a re-raise of the currently rescued exception.
Mitch VanDuyn
Feb 04 2018 05:45
Huh! There u go. Tx @jgaskins
Feb 04 2018 10:33
@all,, online tetris game, original write by @elia for a opal talk, I just bundle into app.min.js and index.html, and threw it into my site. how to bundle inspire by @barriehadfield another project.