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Mar 2018
G. Gibson
Mar 05 2018 00:07
Has anyone yet created an IRB application console for Opal on the client?
Jan Biedermann
Mar 05 2018 00:10
@mistergibson kind of, there is
G. Gibson
Mar 05 2018 00:13
Ah - I'm not using rails
thanks though
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 05 2018 01:04
@mistergibson @fkchang has a console that runs as a chrome extension
otherwise you have to have some kind of transport between the console window and the client environment (I guess)... hence hyper-console.
Forrest Chang
Mar 05 2018 01:22
@mistergibson opal irb can be embedded in any opal app - I also have a chrome devtool, but I need to update it to run on more recent opal versions
G. Gibson
Mar 05 2018 01:41
Thanks guys - I use the chrome console now, but it would be nice to have a terminal winder :) and thanks @fkchang
@fkchang : THAT is really cool - cheers man :)
G. Gibson
Mar 05 2018 17:32
Anyone got a URL to a good example / tutorial on events and promises?
nevermind - got it