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Mar 2018
G. Gibson
Mar 09 2018 00:41 UTC
Hey Forrest :)
Frederic ZINGG
Mar 09 2018 08:19 UTC

@mistergibson Hi, concerning Opal-d3.
We recently contacted Tomasz, the guy who started to convert D3 to OPAL-D3 ( It works with Opal 0.10.5 and 60% of methods are converted.
We started by making this REPO working with Opal 0.11: (
And because we would like to use with HYPERLOOP, @janbiedermann made the Hyper-D3

We did not continue actively to develop thie Hyper-d3 because we changed mind and finally the lib VISJS suits better our needs. So @janbiedermann Hyperloop(ed) this lib:
It is working great, and we will list it on the Hyperloop website in the future.
If you need help, jsut shout.

Simon George
Mar 09 2018 14:27 UTC
Sorry for irrelevant messages, Gitter sometimes shows one tab selected when actually it's another (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
G. Gibson
Mar 09 2018 16:41 UTC
Thanks @fzingg :)
Jan Biedermann
Mar 09 2018 16:43 UTC
i would like to add, that the opal-d3 included in hyper-d3 can be used just as opal-d3, is a little more complete and way smaller and faster, as it doesnt use the parser and doesnt do ruby eval in the browser.
G. Gibson
Mar 09 2018 16:44 UTC
ah ok - awesome
G. Gibson
Mar 09 2018 17:22 UTC
Thanks - had a native method issue with the other version. This version loads flawlessly :)
Frederic ZINGG
Mar 09 2018 17:24 UTC
@mistergibson :+1: If you code projects with Opal-d3, I would be very interested to see sources :sparkles:
G. Gibson
Mar 09 2018 17:27 UTC
I plan to use it as the base of a toolkit of sorts - needs some thought though
at some point I want to dork with webgl
I really like the data-driven philosophy of d3