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May 2018
Jan Biedermann
May 21 2018 06:38

Follow instructions here, with a new rails app:
To get:

  • superfast compiles - all of ruby-hyperloop compiled in less than 10s
  • superfast Hot Module Reloads - around 150ms for a small changed ruby file - developers heart is smiling
  • opal code as ES6 modules - :smile: - for webpack
  • a webpack based build process
    and that will give the opportunity to use other webpack features like:
  • tree shaking
  • code splitting
  • lazy loading

Though that is all very early software :smile:

doesnt depend on rails, hopefully works with sinatra and others too
Jose Añasco
May 21 2018 16:09
hey guys, just wanted to share a small project i've been working on: , its basically like sonic-pi but in the browser, the dsl will be different though (due to web audio api limitations). JS compilation is done trough Opal and most of the audio stuff is handled by Tone.js . This works mostly but its still a WIP. Theres some errors here and there (and probably some glitches) but you can have fun with it right now, let me know any feedback/comments
May 21 2018 16:45
@merongivian this is awesome! i have a personal project that could definitely use some in-browser procedural audio, so i'd be happy to play with this and provide feedback ^-^
Jose Añasco
May 21 2018 16:48
@eiko thanks :) yea i created some additional libraries for this: and will add readme's soon
Forrest Chang
May 21 2018 20:16
@merongivian very nice!
Jose Añasco
May 21 2018 21:22
@fkchang thanks :)