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May 2018
G. Gibson
May 31 2018 20:17
Does anyone know under what circumstances globals and module constants are blown away? I feed my page content via a websocket to the Opal-based page renderer - but when I push new page content my global vars and module constants (some of them) are inexplicably undefined all the sudden. Anyone else run into something like this?
G. Gibson
May 31 2018 20:39
I think I found an Opal bug - I'll file a report
May 31 2018 20:45
i don't know enough about opal to know whether it's a bug or not, but it does sound unusual
G. Gibson
May 31 2018 21:00
yeah, your globals or module constants should never just go 'undefined' unless you undefine them
I filed a bug report - we'll see what happens
Elia Schito
May 31 2018 23:30
@mistergibson :+1: thanks for the report