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Jun 2018
G. Gibson
Jun 01 2018 00:06
@elia : no worries - it has to be the weirdest bug I've seen thus far. ;)
But I'm basically halted in code production until it is resolved. So ... sneaks to the kitchen for some rum and juice ... :smile:
Jun 01 2018 03:48
rum and juice is where my code production begins, to be honest :angel:
G. Gibson
Jun 01 2018 04:05
@elia : I posted a follow-up with a couple of test cases for you. I'm still scratching my head on this one.
G. Gibson
Jun 01 2018 16:26
@iliabylich : should I use the github version, or is there a fixed gem going to be pushed (version 0.12?) ... not sure what to do.