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Jun 2018
G. Gibson
Jun 04 2018 18:48
So Micro$oft acquires GitHub - you guys plan on staying with github? Just wondering - I'm checking out GitLab now.
Jun 04 2018 21:07
i've been using gitlab for all my projects for about a year now. it's pretty nice
Jan Biedermann
Jun 04 2018 23:11
@elia in 0.11 this works Opal.is_a({}, Opal.Array) -> false
on master it throws
whats the fix? add something to {} prototype or a guard in .is_a() ?
not sure what your intention is
Exception: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$$ancestors_cache_version' of undefined when calling Opal.ancestors from Opal.is_a
Elia Schito
Jun 04 2018 23:58
it’s a regression after the rework that enabled Module.prepend, an issue is welcome, probably it’s an easy fix