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Aug 2018
Aug 15 2018 16:04
1) I guess irc is mostly dead, correct? 2) what is a good way to construct larger html in opal? I want to build a table, however table = $document.create_element('table'); tr = $document.create_element('tr'); table << tr; ... is bit... verbose
or rather then "html", I guess I mean part of DOM tree
Forrest Chang
Aug 15 2018 21:29
@dummy27680406_twitter I'd suggest using opal-jquery or opal-browser - I'm particularly favorable to opal-browser's paggio based dsl
I demo a bit of that DSL live here
Elia Schito
Aug 15 2018 23:12
@dummy27680406_twitter yes irc is dead
Paggio has a nice DSL, see also Inesita, hyperloop & Clearwater for vDOM implementations
Also opal-haml and erb can be useful