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Aug 2018
Elia Schito
Aug 27 2018 08:11
@ryanprior sounds good, can you try to setup the image or dockerfile that reproduces the problem?
…or just use Ruby! πŸ˜„
Ryan Prior
Aug 27 2018 20:47
@elia I added Dockerized dev and build environments and am now unable to reproduce the issue I had, even when I move the require into the component function instead of the top-level.
At this point I'm ready to chalk it up to environmental pollution. Thank you for pushing me to isolate & reproduce the problem, even though I was unsuccessful it gave me a good excuse to level up my tooling.
Elia Schito
Aug 27 2018 21:37
@ryanprior good to hear that, non-bugs are the best-bugs! :bug: πŸ˜„