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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 02:12
hey @/all, DHH has favorited this and I think folks should take note and chime in - we might actually have a chance at getting opal in rails proper:
Barrie Hadfield
Sep 05 2018 06:33
@ylluminate great work flying the flag!
Sep 05 2018 17:24
hey @barriehadfield thanks! i think this is a great opportunity to get a lower entry point for opal in rails while also raising awareness and curiosity. i still see a lot of folks completely oblivious to opal.
Guillaume Grossetie
Sep 05 2018 18:29
Sounds interesting! Anyone with a prior experience of integrating Opal in a Rails app ? Any downfalls ?
Sep 05 2018 19:58
i know @elia has done it / does it quite a bit
we've done it as well for a couple projects, but i'll need to ask @gabrielrios to chime in on it
Simon George
Sep 05 2018 20:30
Over in Hyperloop we've integrated it using any of Sprockets, Sprockets + Webpacker, and just Webpack.
Elia Schito
Sep 05 2018 22:51
I've done it a number of times, including our current app. My difficulty is finding pain points because I'm kinda too into it to see the problems clearly. I probably should try setting up a fresh rails app and see how it goes.