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Sep 2018
Barrie Hadfield
Sep 18 2018 09:02
@GodfreyElwick_twitter I have to tell you I am an open gay man and very much a supporter of this project. No Nazis here as far as I have seen.
Simon George
Sep 18 2018 09:30

Oh hi Godfrey, that's not a name I expected to see again.

We've had... interactions before. I never quite figured out if Mr Elfwick's form of trolling is simply bigoted, or actually satirical meta-trolling of the bigoted trolls thus in fact anti-bigoted. I liked to think the latter, and when they trolled me they and their thousands of followers were perfectly civil in their roasting. That said others haven't had the same reaction but I can only speak for my own experience.

Now, I think this is a copycat account as this person is Elwick not Elfwick. So I have no idea who or what the agenda here is, perhaps there's no connection to the original Godfrey's interactions with me.

I'm also gay and feel safe and happy here, thank you for your concern. We mainly like to talk about code so let us know if you need any help using Opal to build queer friendly websites, anti Nazi tools, or Flappy Bird clones.

Jamie Gaskins
Sep 18 2018 15:50
He's trolling. That twitter account is full-on Trump propaganda.
Simon George
Sep 18 2018 15:53
I see, the original one is suspended, this copycat seems not exactly nice.