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Nov 2018
Elia Schito
Nov 04 2018 21:50 UTC

@/all I started an open-collective account to fund stuff like the domain :globe_with_meridians: and conference swag :tshirt: for anyone who, going to some conf, wants to distribute it. I'm not planning to fund features or contributions for now, but neither I ruled that out.

Here's the link: :link:

As you'll see I also added @catmando to the team to help me out in case it's needed. BTW through his company ( he's providing stickers which I'll distribute at :smile: 👍

Please give me feedback and send me your thoughts, DM me here on gitter, drop me a line at or write in this channel, I'm new at this and could use some good advice :ear: :smiley_cat:

Regaining control of

I didn't set an amount for that but namecheap tells me that the initial offer must be at least 200$, so I guess that's the first target. Of course if anyone has experience getting back a domain some other way (e.g. complaining somewhere etc.) that would be even better!

As always every kind of countribution is appreciated, be it coding, printing stickers, donating, talking at conferences or just spreading the word of how awesome is to work with Ruby on the browser! This is meant jsut for practical money management and as jsut another way to participage for anyone who wants :heart: