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Mar 2019
Forrest Chang
Mar 16 01:47
Dunno how I missed this but opal-ferro looks interesting
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 16 06:10
Inspired by this conversation i just wrote this little blog post:
Jose Añasco
Mar 16 09:09
@aemadrid haha oops, forgot to delete set_caca... so whats missing is accessing data from component methods. What im doing for a normal vue instance is creating accessors for its getters and setters in ruby, but seems that theres no getter/setters for vue componentes AFAIK
its solved here:, but in a hacky way
it creates a vue instance (which i need for accessing data), and somehow injects that object into the vue instance
will post some instructions tomorrow btw, so u can play with the gem in rails :)
Jose Añasco
Mar 16 09:15
@jgaskins first time im using your gem actually, but looks like what i needed :), i used opal-browser a long time ago
but i think its not being maintained anymore
Jamie Gaskins
Mar 16 19:31
Awesome, I'm glad it gave you what you needed! I've been trying to make sure it has everything I've needed while building all kinds of apps while still keeping a small JS footprint. :-)