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Oct 2014
Elia Schito
Oct 10 2014 16:14
@AstonJ I have a site using parts of vienna, but it’s opal 0.3.42 so it’s quite old
@adambeynon knows better :)
Oct 10 2014 17:55
Thanks @elia - are you happy to share the URL? (No probs if you want to keep it private)
Also, I was wondering if you guys have thought about rebranding Vienna? I feel that names can be really important when it comes to frameworks, and while Vienna is a great name, it is very soft and benevolent sounding - I think to stand up to the giants out there, like Angular, a strong, confident sounding name could work very well in our favour. Something like Fire. Opal Fire. Branding for sites using it could be something like ‘on Fire’ depicting that the site is powered by Fire. (I hope I haven’t offended anyone by this)
Oct 10 2014 18:00
//cc @adambeynon
Adam Beynon
Oct 10 2014 18:32
@AstonJ just about to go out, but I agree
Also, someone else has registered the Vienna gem 😏