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Oct 2014
Elia Schito
Oct 16 2014 08:47

@adambeynon @AstonJ @loicboutet

I think we should not just try to be like Angular or Ember, but be better than them, in a typical Ruby fashion of course :smiley:

agree! as said by Alan Kay on this video: “Just play it grand”

@AstonJ I like the logo with, and I’d align the “E” with the top of the other letters
Loïc Boutet
Oct 16 2014 11:12
So what does be better than Angular and Ember mean? :)
Elia Schito
Oct 16 2014 11:48

Hi @elia, the letter height was deliberately made slightly shorter on the 'E' to compensate for the ascenders (in this case, the flames) and keep the overall shape more proportionate. This is a common typographical technique when working with letters with ascenders and descenders.

An even letter height works too but due to the upward slope along its top, makes the E look a bit too big. However once you've seen the bigger one, the other one may look too small, simply by virtue of comparison. On balance, I prefer the smaller E, however we can look at it again before finalising the design (maybe go for a height inbetween the two) :)

@loicboutet I’m not sure… yet! But I think we’re already off to a good start with it being in Ruby instead of JS haha. Seriously tho, I think Fire Rubyfying things will go some way towards making Fire better than Angular and Ember, for example, if you look at Volt, apps will be built as separate componants, and componants can be shared via gems. Maybe we can adopt something like this in Fire too?