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Oct 2014
Oct 21 2014 15:23

Hey guys, here’s my proposed blog post - please have a read and let me know what you think // @adambeynon @elia @loicboutet

Adam & Elia - do you think I should make it more obvious that Fire is currently in planning? Or is that something that can be covered in FAQs. If you are not ready to announce Fire I can remove it from the post, however I think that would be a shame as it's possible the article may generate quite a bit of interest and you might be able to attract people interested in being part of the project.

Perhaps for the homepage we can for now, simply have the Fire logo and beneath it a slogan with the words "Frontends in Ruby" and then a vertical ticker that loops through words beginning with E, like:
Frontends in Ruby easily | effectively | elegantly | everywhere (etc). We could make it more interesting by having a video with sound, and sound waves animated to three sets of frequencies (high, mid and low) and some phrases relating to Fire that randomly fade in and out on the page - but I'm not sure whether that's possible using JS/Opal and maybe it would take too long to sort out (just thought it might be a cool way to grab people's attention - if we could say it was done in an alpha build of Fire (or Opal)).

Anyway, please let me know what you all think!

Elia Schito
Oct 21 2014 15:27
@AstonJ I can’t really speak about Fire as it’s @adambeynon project and I haven’t used vienna in a while and never in its full potential :)
Oct 21 2014 15:39
I thought you two were like Batman and Robin @elia :D
Elia Schito
Oct 21 2014 15:40
lol, no, we never met so far
Loïc Boutet
Oct 21 2014 16:37
maybe you could present it for what it is? mainly that you are willing to have a tech in ruby which could be equivalent to angular/ember
and how that would change thing
this way you could still try to attract people having the same interest
but not raising expectations too high? :)
Oct 21 2014 17:45
Good point @loicboutet I’ll take another look at it tonight :)