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Oct 2014
Oct 24 2014 10:19
Matz just tweeted this new Google language transpiles to JS and will be used for Angular 2
Oct 24 2014 15:44

@adambeynon @elia @loicboutet Hi Guys, we've been refining the logo and are now satisfied with what we've got. We feel this is modern, dynamic and adaptable. We have removed the additional flame that was at the beginning and adjusted the slant. While it worked ok with that first bit sticking out, we feel that the logo as a whole is a lot stronger without it because it now places a more powerful emphasis on that single 'E' flame at the end. It also gives the overall shape a sweeping motion particularly with the slanting letters.

The logo can be used with its fiery gradient or it can be rendered in a single flat colour, giving it more flexibility when overlaying different background tones and colours, both online and in print (thinking ahead to FireConf ;-)

I think it's a winner. I've updated the holding page: and here are some examples...

Adam Beynon
Oct 24 2014 21:35
@AstonJ niceeee
working on an improved Router based on the vienna one, plus a lot more from an app im using
think its going to be real nice for Fire apps
flexible too
Oct 24 2014 23:40
Nice one @adambeynon look forward to seeing it all. Peter said Wednesday’s the deadline to be considered for Ruby Weekly. What do you want to do about the domain and registering the gem etc? Might be worth it in case someone nabs them.