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Dec 2014
Jared White
Dec 30 2014 21:10
I have to say, as someone who tried out Vienna briefly, wrote part of an Opal-based framework that I never released, and then recently wrote another part of one from scratch for an actual client project, I'm increasingly becoming a fan of just building POROs (Plain Old Ruby Objects). You can create an MVC framework yourself out of thin air just by writing a few simple objects and connecting them using those patterns. I find the vast majority of client-side frameworks are way-ay-ay-ay too complicated. Backbone is nice in the sense that it's fairly simple to understand, but in many cases to me it feels like it's simply trying to abstract away Javascript ugliness (something that just isn't required when coding in clean, sensible Ruby!) Using opal-jquery plus opalerb files takes care of events and templating just fine. Anyway, I do look forward to seeing Fire come out but for now I'm content just using my own little home-brewed MVC codebase. :)
Adam Beynon
Dec 30 2014 21:23
@jaredcwhite agreed. fire/vienna end up being not a lot more than just conventions for models and views for me. Fire actually has less client side code than vienna atm
of course, ruby modules makes things like view bindings really easy
but also very optional
Can Edremitoglu
Dec 30 2014 23:19
convinced. i will put my current work with backbone on hold and trz rebuilding it with opal.