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    but of course you might want to deploy your own and take control of contents
    Jakub Vysoký
    that is something against all the implementations run their tests?
    Jorge Díaz
    that's how we use it
    because we can assert contents
    Jakub Vysoký
    cool. thx for the initial info :D
    Jorge Díaz
    but right now it's covering 50% of the basic NDC methods
    we should extend it, of course
    actually in talks with a big Industry company to do so
    Jakub Vysoký
    well.. that sounds like even too much to begin with on my side ;D
    Alberto Varela
    Hi everyone
    I arrived here while looking for a SDK/wrapper on PHP that I never found
    So, I started preparing something, but I think is better to have something shared that in my own repo. It could be possible to to create an empty ndc-php-sdk repo inside open NDC that I can fork and make pull requests to?
    Jorge Díaz
    @artberri Hi Alberto
    My apologies we never saw this
    let me chat you privately
    Simon Westh Henriksen
    This message was deleted
    hi everyone, is it any paper(tutorial or basic steps) for developing NDC applications?
    Mark Johnson
    you can start here: https://dev.airgateway.net/
    if you using airgateway
    Ondřej Chmelař
    Hi there. I'm (unsuccessfully) trying to get data from the sandbox (tried both http://ndc-sandbox.open-ndc.org and http://ndc-sandbox.herokuapp.com/). The readme contains an example curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/xml" --data @AirShopping.xml "http://ndc-sandbox.dev/api/ndc/" Can you point me to the AirShopping.xml file? I only found the xsd schema https://github.com/open-ndc/ndc-sandbox/blob/master/api/schemas/v113-p15-2/AirShoppingRQ.xsd
    Jorge Díaz
    @ondrejchmelar XSD schemas are not valid XML requests at all.
    that's it XML file below is a valid sample.
    Hello, is there gonna be any wrapper for .Net (Core)?