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    CG Barreto
    Hi @waciumawanjohi ! Thanks for the advice, checking the honor code it's clear that I can't post the code, by the way, already took it down. I’ll check the discord server
    Hey @waciumawanjohi the discord invite link seems to have expired. Can I get another one?

    Hey @waciumawanjohi the discord invite link seems to have expired. Can I get another one?

    Never mind. It was actually an issue with my discord account.

    Hey guys! I started with OSSU the end of july. Unfortunately I had to take a break because of exams in med school. Now, I'm back I noticed that the curriculum is slightly changed? Now, I have to do introdution to programming and introduction to computer science. So I can't choose between the two anymore? And what happend with the missing curriculum?
    Max The Stranger
    @Melvin1Atieno kumbe uko hadi huku...
    @naomi889 Similar to any school, the curriculum is in development and changes based on student feedback and course availability. If you'd like to freeze the curriculum in time, you can create a fork. Once you do so you can even roll your fork back to any earlier commit that you'd like. https://docs.github.com/en/github/getting-started-with-github/fork-a-repo
    To answer those specifically though, intro was simplified to make it more clear what to do and that did result in removing a choice. Missing Semester was moved later in the curriculum where it's more suited
    Note that conversation these days is happening on the discord rather than the gitter. You can find links to the discord on the github
    Steve Adansi
    @waciumawanjohi can you kindly provide me the link to the OMSCS. I want to check it out and look at their requirements. Thank you.
    Okay, thank you @waciumawanjohi @Alaharon123 !! I think I will just start over again since I didn't get that far yet.
    How long does it take to complete the course?
    It depends how fast you are

    tweedeviking Hey Ho,
    I am Manuel. For the last 12 years I have been working as a mobile developer, mostly on iOS.
    In all those years I worked in teams that claimed to be agile. But it never felt agile. Agile as in "Agility: The ability to perform changes fast"
    And especially during my last 2 jobs I started wondering, how ANYBODY should be expected to be agile when at the same time we are trapped in a messy pile of shit that we cutely name "Spaghetti Code".
    I think we should rename it "Barb Wire Code".
    So in the past year I have been working on an architecture that — I believe — should enable a more agile development process. From the way the code is structured to the way data flows through it and the ability to easily represent those codes in agile processes. I do believe that it enables steady development speed for the whole lifetime of a software project.
    It comes with a powerful modular concept that stretches throughout the app where each module can have its own DSL and all modules are independent, connected by a simple but expressive messaging system.

    I am looking for feedback from developers, interested in such topics. I invite you to join the channel "agile architecture" (#agilearchitecture:matrix.org). (bearbeitet)

    Hi, i started working on course "Fundamentals of Computing Specialization" since a months agos and stopped
    now I'm looking to the curculluime ; it seems the course no longer required?
    I looked to change log; nothing mentioned for that

    You can read more here:

    Also, most OSSU conversation happens on Discord now. https://discord.gg/5pUhfpX

    Nate M
    Do you have an example of when it popped up?
    Or rather, could you show the lines where you got the error.
    Hisham alqupaty
    How are you
    I am student computer science in first year and I register today in python for Everybody and i want study with anther students
    @hishamalqupty_gitlab I recommend you join the discord: https://discord.gg/5pUhfpX
    roberts6 Hisham alqupaty (Gitter): Im about to start doing the Python for Everybody as well
    Alagie Sellu
    Hello everyone,
    I am a BSc Computer Science graduate from University of The Gambia where am currently working as a software developer. It's a young university founded in 1999.
    My interest is mainly around security and trust. Which direct me towards Blockchain technology use to address corruption and promote good governance.
    My the computer science department at my university is relatively small and don't have any expert in the area of blockchain. Looking for a supervisor to help me pursuit my research interest.
    Hi @alagiesellu It's great to hear about your studies! This Gitter channel isn't used much anymore. I recommend you post in the OSSU discord: https://discord.gg/5pUhfpX
    To set expectations, most OSSU participants are trying to reach the goal that you have already achieved (learn the material of an undergraduate CS degree). But there may be someone with a connection to a blockchain expert.
    Alagie Sellu
    Thanks @waciumawanjohi
    Archangel Metatron Greetings
    Hi everyone, I'm a year-one student with a rather strong background. My major, however, only allows 3 courses on CS each semester. I also doubt the depth of courses in my courses in school, like I'm already taking Networking as a freshman without obstacles. Should I mix OSSU with my curriculum? If so, should I have the same/close courses or different courses?
    Dear OSSUnians, @/all
    Over 2020 we’ve seen so many learners coming together to reach their goals. We’re happy to announce that OSSU has taken a big step forward in helping you reach those goals. After lots of behind the scenes work, Open Source Society University has been approved and registered as a 501c3 non-profit!

    What does this mean for you?

    There’s a board of directors at OSSU dedicated to advancing our mission: to empower you to learn the undergraduate curriculum using free resources.
    OSSU will be experimenting with new ideas for supporting your education.
    Donations to OSSU will be tax deductible for donors.

    Some things won’t change, OSSU will remain an organization that thrives because of the ideas and investment from OSSUnians like you. We succeed when you succeed, and we grow because of what you bring to your fellow students week after week.
    We’re excited to share this news and we want to hear from you. We’ll host an AMA with the Board in mid December. The discussion will happen on the OSSU Discord server, where more than 3,000 members gather everyday as they pursue their learning dreams. Come join us! https://discord.gg/5pUhfpX
    Archangel Metatron freedomcells.org/join
    Archangel Metatron https://freedomcells.org
    Aashish Verma


    I have interest of developing something new
    or understanding whatever is existing and add something to it
    i need knowledge as well as job

    i don't like css, botstrap, blahhh blaahh and all these frontend things

    i like solving problems, that is why i think i like backend
    where data structures, databases, api's, etc are involved.
    bit of networking to but i don't feel confident in that

    things which appeal me: distributed webAPP, android apps, monolithic app, etc...

    i know c very well also c++
    bit of core java
    javascript is good (i think i should learn it)
    hate python and don't feel to learn also( but everyone is using it)

    best recommendations till now
    hussain nasseir

    i want you to give guidance and recommend some resources like this


    Hi @kumar-verma This Gitter channel isn't used much anymore. I recommend you post in the OSSU discord: https://discord.gg/5pUhfpX
    Tafadzwa Manyenga
    Please write the book titles and authors, I'm curious 😀
    Bravish Ghosh
    Hello, can anyone tell me how to join the Google group?
    Bradley Grant
    @LoopGlitch26 I don't know of any official Google group. Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/wuytwK5s9h
    This Gitter has been abandoned. Most OSSU conversation is now on Discord at the group linked above.
    Alagie Sellu

    Hello all.

    I have been soo passionate about Blockchain beyond its Cryptocurrency use. I have been trying to get admission into graduate schools by submitting research proposals in the area. But I now need help in formulating a great research theme on Blockchain possible with BigchainDB.

    My rough ideas;

    1. CRAB Operations using ORM on a Blockchain Database
    2. Designing a Blockchain solution for E-Governance for small National Government like The Gambia

    I really need ideas and contributing in finding my passion in Blockchain as it is where I want to focus my academic career.

    Anyone willing to help and contact me can get in contact through alagiesellu@gmail.com