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Repo info
    Shouvik Roy
    Hello everyone
    Eric Douglas
    Hey! :smile:
    Ricky Reusser
    Hi! I love what you've put together here. Just a quick question on philosophy:
    From what I understand, there's a level of formality to jumping in and doing this (i.e. tracking progress with webapp)
    The guide states: "Should I take all courses? Yes! The intention is to conclude all the courses listed here!"
    What's the view on jumping in where it seems appropriate?
    Ricky Reusser
    In other words, people may be coming from a wide range of backgrounds such that some of the courses may not be a good investment of time (e.g. perhaps parts of the calc, probability, linalg, intro CS prereqs)
    Not to get worked up about the details or anything, but just curious on the extent to which taking part in this is a formal process vs. a loose structure open to interpretation. :+1:
    Shouvik Roy
    Hi @rreusser Welcome to Data Science channel
    The intention is to cover as much prereq as possible without assuming anything about the learner's background
    Also, to provide "Brush up" opportunity for people already comfortable, but definitely you can/should start at the appropriate level you feel
    Subhrajyoti Sen
    Hey! I will be starting the data-science path soon :smile:
    Shouvik Roy
    Cool, let us know if you face any issue
    Mukesh Sharma
    Hi guys ! Just thinking to start this course
    A lot if not most of the content in the Data Science Nanodegree is already covered in the courses recommended by OSS, I dont know if it should then be recommended as a Specialisation for after youve finished all the MOOCs, as it doesnt really add anything new
    Shouvik Roy
    I agree @JoshuaRowe11_twitter , its suggested not recommended though
    Arun Chaudhry
    hey, are you guys taking one course at a time?
    Shouvik Roy
    Hi @arch1212 , it depends on how much time you devote... if you are working full time or have to attend school/college, then don't start more than 2 courses at a time ( doing 1 at a time is better)
    else you can bump up the number , but try not to do more than 3 at once
    Hi guys.
    Arun Chaudhry
    Thanks @royshouvik I have just finished the Course on Git and GitHub. I am devoting my full time to this. But I have found that I am more productive if I concentrate on only one course at a time rather than taking a couple more. I tend to lose track and eventually fall behind.
    Hey, Can anyone recommend projects for Statistics with R?
    Ahmed Talaat
    Hey @royshouvik . i have just started with data science course. Anything I should keep in mind while going through the course
    Shouvik Roy
    @gmunish007 Can't think of anything specific.. Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear