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    Shouvik Roy
    @mdibaiee hows your studies coming along?
    Jun Xiong
    Hi Guy, may I ask who even use beakerX before? Or any other better place to ask such question?
    Mahdi Dibaiee
    @royshouvik Hey Shouvik, thanks for asking! Still on Probability and Statistics: Inference from Berkeley :bar_chart:, I'm going through my finals right now so I'm a little slower on the progress, but will reinforce right after my exams :fist: :D
    Mahdi Dibaiee
    :joy: :joy:
    i wanna learn ml
    from where should i start
    @karishma3397 i would suggest andrew ng's ml.
    Claire Kirby
    Hello, everyone. To those doing the Data Science path, are you also doing the Springboard Data Science Career like OSSU recommends, or just doing the free OSSU data science path?
    Shouvik Roy
    @depeche-toad AFAIK, almost no one is doing the Springboard course (probably because of the cost it involves)
    Hello world !
    Mahdi Dibaiee
    @Smaily1 Hello! :smile:
    In https://github.com/open-source-society/data-science it says Introduction to Data Science is 8 weeks with 10-12 hours/week but when I click on the link I get to https://www.coursera.org/specializations/data-science which is actually four courses! Is the link wrong?
    Mahdi Dibaiee
    @royshouvik Hey Shouvik! I recently got to Convex Optimization, but I found the material in need of more advanced topics than the ones in the path, the Linear Algebra is more advanced and it requires skills of writing and reading mathematical proofs. Do you think we could add Books to the path? I couldn't find MOOCs for these topics, but I'm currently reading "How to Prove it" by Daniel J.Velleman and then I'm going to read "Linear Algebra Done Right" by Sheldon Axler
    Shouvik Roy
    Hey @mdibaiee It's possible that the curriculum is not perfect, and some courses require more prereq than already covered because
    1. I didn't complete all of the courses my self :) In fact I completed very few
    2. I knew less about Data Science at that time than today
    The curriculum grew out of my own need of a decent path to follow for learning Data Science/Machine Learning which I couldn't find at that time...So I would say, feel free to discuss and suggest improvements wherever possible
    I am planning to do some major overhauls to the curriculum, make it more lean and targeted ...but my hands are more than full right now :(
    Karim Ebrahim
    @royshouvik Hello Shouvik i think you can use this site to improve the curriculum
    Shouvik Roy
    Mahdi Dibaiee
    Eric Douglas
    Just saw this link today, very interesting :) https://www.kaggle.com/
    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm interested very much in data science can someone tell me how to start learning data science.
    Eric Douglas
    If someone wants to join the cohorts team that will build the guides for students to create/manage their own cohorts, feel free to ping us here ossu/roadmap#11.
    Eric Douglas

    We now have a code of conduct and a new unified forum (reddit and google groups will be deprecated)


    Jason Hunt
    Is there any similar curriculum to learn AI
    @JasonHu22500045_twitter an AI curriculum would overlap significantly with the computer-science curriculum
    If you wanted to do that, I'd do the CS curriculum since you'll need most of the coding and math skills in AI, and then for the specialization at the end try and find some good AI and ML classes
    Hello, nice to meet you all.
    I have a question about how to progress.
    @jhh-repo go ahead and ask
    The extras section over here doesn't seem to have any resources linked, why?
    hi everyone
    i am vastly inersted in data science and i wanna to take some project idea, if anyone have then i am ready to work with u
    Vishal Kumar Roy
    Hi Everyone!I M New To Open Source And To DataScience!Can you guys plz suggest me how to begin so that I can take up some projects!
    great open source project, I love it!
    Hossam Atef
    Hey Guys
    anyone here interested to make group study :)
    @HossamEldinAtef 2kid bs 7d yrd :)
    Hello guys i,m looking for programmers with c , c++ , c# skills or somebody who is able to decompile ex4 file into mql4 for the project that need to be finished as soon as possible :)) !!! Once there will be someone interested be sure to write me an email :)) on jaroslaw.mezencev@gmail.com 
I will write you all details and everything what i need to be done in the project , once there will be satisfaction on both sides we can continue in the cooperation because i have lots of project that needs to be done :) !!!!
    Arjun Singh
    hey guys, can i have your opinion about my situation ?
    so i like CS i'm learning it, but there are some things that i really dislike, for example, web development, i can't bear it, it's because i don't feel like i develop something really useful, i always wanted to use AI and robotics to work on real world problems
    so i wanted to ask you if data scientist, which use machine learning might fit more in my path and my projects than software development
    Arjun Singh
    it's because i don't see my future one day working to build some mobile apps, or some web pages, or things like that, it doesn't have any meaning to me
    so i was thinking maybe data science might closer to my personal objectives than CS ?
    Jack Bridger
    hey is anyone currently going through this process? I'm around 2.5 months in. Would be cool to swap notes/exchange ideas/progress etc.
    Marcus Guidoti
    hey guys and girls, is this curriculum active? like, are peolpe still doing it/updating it?
    Jack Bridger
    Hey Marcus, i don't think so!
    Also feel like the curriculum could do with a bit of refining