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Repo info
    Jack Bridger
    I took this https://www.coursera.org/specializations/mathematics-machine-learning and also this https://www.coursera.org/learn/mathematical-thinking? and started on Gilbert Strang's Linear Algebra course. Other than that I've done Andrew Ng's ML course and a course on udacity. But my focus now is to get a dev job first and then come back to the maths in my spare time.
    Btw: reason I took the mathemtatical thinking course is that I really wanted to build a decent foundation for how to solve maths problems - it's a really good course but took me quite a while and most specs don't include it
    What's your current job?
    Marcus Guidoti
    I'm actually working as a data scientist for a company concerned with biodiversity big data problem. My background is in the biological sciences, but I've some CS background as well and thus, they got interested in me. I want to complete the career transition while in this job, so I'm looking for options.
    In fact, while finishing my PhD I started to research and sort of pave my way towards a complete career change. I was looking more into web dev than data science, and I started a Udacity full-stack nanodegree before getting the job. Now I'm in the middle of three different fields. Basically, hehe.
    so my day is working a lot. than studying a lot. and I can see it will be like this for a couple of years to come if I want to do this right.
    Jack Bridger
    ok that's an amazing position to be in. I did study CS but worked in tech sales for a couple of years so don't have professional exp making software
    Marcus Guidoti
    building up a collaborative/social learning environment is def. important, helpful, and something that I'm looking forward as well.
    Jack Bridger
    ah you're in the perfect position
    I mean what skills are you really lacking? Seems like you're fairly set already?
    Marcus Guidoti
    more CS, more statistical and math knowledge, more programming skills
    more more more
    my background is mostly on the biological sciences.
    all my academic degrees come from this field.
    Jack Bridger
    but lot's of stats?
    Marcus Guidoti
    well, for the current job, no. but who knows about the future?
    Jack Bridger
    what kind of stuff do you do day to day?
    Marcus Guidoti
    as I said, I'm preparing for the future, for a complete career change
    not only for the current job
    biodiversity big data is a very new, and under approached problem, so we're still dealing with basic problems as to set and tidy databases for other uses.
    right now I'm creating a pipeline to extract, tidy up, and push major database of bibliographic references into open repositories
    but later on this year we'll be setting up web scrapping protocols to feed this pipeline automatically, and then working on pdf's automated extracting of field-specific information, which is probably where I'm more useful to the company due to my formal academic background
    we'll see
    Marcus Guidoti
    @jackbridger ossu/data-science#45
    Jack Bridger
    ok awesome!! That's really cool!
    I think you're in the perfect position honestly and great that you're looking to follow this course.
    hmmm cool - doesn't seem like anyone is maintaining it atm though..
    Marcus Guidoti
    yes, it seems like..
    Abdalla Ahmed
    Hi, anybody interested in a study group?
    Study Group to study what?
    i created a study group about artificial intelligence on whatsapp where we share many information, whether someone wants participate here's the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/E1JO6FXvZdE9ZT2pE9zHxg
    Nelson Frank
    @masuta16 , why not slack, which is more organized and smart?!..


    Hello everyone!
    Since computer science is a vast field and its nearly impossible to keep a track of everything as an individual without community support, we have decided to setup a discord community to help each other. So lets join this awesome community and contribute towards the CS society a bit and lets help each other in pursuing a successful CS career.

    Hello, is there anyone here still working through like Algebra II and Pre-Calculus?
    Probably not, but worth an ask.
    sai vikas
    hi this is sai vikas,i am a final year student and i am interested in doing a data science project for my final year ,can anyone help me in doing the project completion.
    i need the guidance only for doing the project ,what to do?
    how to do? and the topics to be covered in my project for excellent mark
    Rev IO
    Hello, is anybody working on the course right now? Is it still relevant? I mean, is it not outdated?
    @royshouvik Is this the best roadmap to start with data science ? or there the best path rather than it?
    hello all....gm, is anyone on here ??
    Rev IO
    @mc007-gh0st Hello, I'm currently doing the Algebra and Calculus sections :)

    @royshouvik Is this the best roadmap to start with data science ? or there the best path rather than it?

    The "best" is not absolute but relative to each person

    Hi, is this channel still working?
    That's an open question
    There is an open request for comments on a major update to the Data Science curriculum. Read and respond here: ossu/data-science#61
    I'm currently learning Java and was wondering which Computer Science path to take. My question is, is it possible to find employment in Data Science even without a CS Degree or any bachelors degree for that matter? If so how hard would it be?