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    Morgan McLean
    looks like we've lost history and the existing member roll, but the link has remained the same
    Ben Sigelman
    Alyson van Hardenberg
    Whoa. That was weird. The room disappeared? A glitch in the gitter matrix?
    Liz Fong-Jones
    oh no, it went away
    glad we're back
    Eric Eastwood
    Digging into the details of the room deletion here, gitlab-org/gitter/webapp#2306
    Daniel Dyla
    I see what you did there
    Liz Fong-Jones
    ba dum tss
    Morgan McLean
    lol that wasn't actually intentional, but I'll take credit for it!
    Sergey Kanzhelev
    you do @mtwo ! Lol
    Morgan McLean
    This month's community meeting starts at 4:00 PM PT today. You can add it to your calendar [https://github.com/open-telemetry/community#calendar] and join from there or by connecting to the Zoom meeting directly [https://zoom.us/j/6729396170].
    Razi Marjani
    Alois Reitbauer
    do we have a new zoom meeting
    Austin Parker
    fyi the website SIG meeting time has changed to 12:30 PT/3:30 ET
    Morgan McLean
    Gitter has recovered the list of community room users that we had before the accidental deletion
    I am restoring them now
    Morgan McLean
    Morgan McLean
    The monthly community update summary is now live on our blog: https://medium.com/opentelemetry/opentelemetry-monthly-update-october-2019-2d40c0c89d7c
    Liz Fong-Jones
    Thank you Morgan!
    Bob Strecansky
    Woohoo! Thanks Morgan!
    Armin Ruech
    Thanks @mtwo!
    Currently every GH org member is a Gitter admin and every Gitter admin is a room admin who, in turn, can delete the room, edit permissions, ban people and the like.
    We could (and probably should) switch the permission setting to make only specific people Gitter admins so that accidents like these are less likely to happen in future :)
    Ted Young
    @arminru good to know that is possible!
    Tristan Sloughter
    is anyone from Elastic APM involved in opentelemetry?
    Morgan McLean
    @arminru done! I didn't know that was possible on Gitter yet