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    Maor Goldberg
    Hey all, what would you say are essential processors in the collector config. Currently I am using batch, memory limiter, probabilistic sampler and queued retry do you see the need to add more?
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    Tigran Najaryan
    @/all if you are interested in logs please check out the proposal to contribute Stanza to OpenTelemetry with the goal of using it as the log collection library for OpenTelemetry Collector: open-telemetry/community#605
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    Eric Mustin
    what's like, the canonical opentelemetry-collector-contrib demo app these days? Or, what's the right dockerr image to point to? the example in example/tracing feels a bit stale
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    Julian Fell

    Hi all. I'm trying to export metrics from a NodeJs app to the open-telemetry-exporter and am getting a 501 - Not Implemented error. Is this the current status for this integration or am I using an outdated version of something? Thanks!


    • Latest docker image of otel/opentelemetry-collector (Published 2 days ago - 3c1ed120c45b)
    • "@opentelemetry/exporter-collector": "0.14.0"

    collector config:

            - http://*
            - https://*
        endpoint: "http://zipkin:9411/api/v2/spans"
          receivers: [otlp]
          exporters: [zipkin]
          processors: [batch, queued_retry]
    Traces are working with my current setup btw!
    Joshua MacDonald

    The @opentelemetry Metrics Workshop happens tomorrow at 9:30 PST at https://zoom.us/j/8203130519

    9:30 - 9:45am PST: Opening remarks, organization of the day, how we got here, and the many streams of work. We have an API, language SDKs, a Protocol, a Collector, Receivers, Exporters, Semantic Conventions, and a connection to Tracing [organizer: OTel Committee]

    9:45-10:15am PST: Community building: @opentelemetry has first-class @OpenMetricsIO support, and @PrometheusIO users are first-class users. These projects are meant to get along, and committed to it. [organizer: Alolita Sharma]

    10:15 - 11:00am PST: @opentelemetry Collector deployment models (e.g., Daemonset vs. Statefulset), Agents, Sidecars, and first-class support for Prometheus Remote-Write [organizer: Jaana Dogan]

    11:30 - 12:15pm The Metrics API and Data Model, how we integrated the @opencensusio feature set (Tracing and Metrics, combined!) with the @OpenMetricsIO and StatsD data models. Presenting the six @opentelemetry metric instruments [organizer: Bogdan Drutu]

    12:15 - 13:00pm Histograms! How we’ll support high-resolution and variable-boundary histograms and the connection to sampling metric events [organizers: Josh MacDonald, Michael Gerstenhaber]

    13:30 - 15:00pm Questions and answers

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    Peter Cabus
    What is the best way to install the Otel Collector on Windows as a service? I can't use the MSI package because I have to run two instances of the collector on the same machine (for testing). One as an Agent and one as a collector service. Thanks.
    2 replies
    Hi all, I would appreciate if this PR could be reviewed: open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib#2012. It implements the spanmetrics processor logic.
    Eric Mustin
    on lang sdk's should OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT point to host:port or host:port/v1/traces ...if i don't include path should it append v1/traces by default?
    3 replies
    Bogdan Drutu
    For all vendors who have exporters in the contrib repo (or any other repository), the queue_retry processor was deprecated long time ago. This PR https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector/pull/2380/ will remove it, so if you do not have the new queue retry enabled for your exporter see an example here on how simple is to add it open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector#2307
    2 replies
    Rashmi Modhwadia
    I am using the collector, i have zpages setup with defaults, i dont know how to access it? /zpages gives a 404, i know its running but do not know the endpoint. anyone has any tips please?
    6 replies
    Rashmi Modhwadia

    I am using collector and have traces and metrics generated and can see them on console(i used the log exporter), I cant see metrics to prometheus. I have a basic prometheus docker conatiner, scraping from 9090 port. I have a prometheus exporter setup pointing to 9090 port. Unable to see metrics and not sure if the setup is complete or a way to debug.
    Would someone be able to point me to right direction or have any suggestion for me please?

    otel collector config

        endpoint: "localhost:19090"
        namespace: "default"
          env: rush
        send_timestamps: true


        image: prom/prometheus:latest
        container_name: prometheus
          - "19090:9090"
        - ./prometheus/prometheus.yaml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yaml


      scrape_interval: 10s
      - job_name: 'prometheus'
        scrape_interval: 5s
          - targets: ['localhost:9090']
    Anyone have example config for the k8sproccessor in collector-contrib? Documentation is lacking https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib/processor/k8sprocessor
    4 replies
    Eric Mustin
    dupe from community channel, :wave: is the contrib flavor of the otel-collector packaged in the aws cloudwatch agent now for ec2?
    Is there a way to measure the queue length of the Exporter Helper? The deprecated queued_retry processor exposed metrics such as otelcol_processor_queued_retry_queue_length as is still documented on the monitoring documentation, but I couldn't find an equivalent metric for the Exporter Helper at a glance.
    Pavol Loffay
    Hi, is there a way to get access to request headers in a processor? I would like to read the tenantID in my custom processor.
    22 replies
    Maor Goldberg
    Hey all, any information regarding the spanmetrics processor and when it will be released?
    David Ashpole
    Hey all, there are a few of us in the Collector sig meeting right now, but the later time slot we have been using every other week has been very lightly attended the past month or two. I asked on the call, and there weren't any folks who preferred the later time slot. If you prefer the later time, please let us know here. Otherwise, if there are no objections, i'd like to propose moving it to an earlier time.
    Iris Grace Endozo
    Hi, @tigrannajaryan wondering if there is any news on this: open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector#669 or if it's something we can contribute to. We're planning on implementing a custom rate limit processor and would love for the receivers to throttle the clients with appropriate status + retry code.
    5 replies
    Ferenc Hubicsak
    Hi, when will the Loki exporter be available? I got this error message: "cannot load configuration: unknown exporters type loki". I used the otel/opentelemetry-collector-contrib-dev:latest docker image. Or is there any other exporter that I can use for logs?
    6 replies
    Juraci Paixão Kröhling
    @bogdandrutu @tigrannajaryan I'll move the code for the builder next week, from its current location to the new repostory -- I'll probably do a force-push after copying the current files from the new repository (codeowners only, I believe). This way, the history and tags are kept with the same references. In fact, the ideal would really be to "move" the repository, so that the releases would get moved as well, but might be too late for that.
    3 replies
    Hi ALL, I still got errors when I "make otelcol" after "make install-tools" $ make install-tools
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/client9/misspell/cmd/misspell
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/golangci/golangci-lint/cmd/golangci-lint
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/google/addlicense
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/jstemmer/go-junit-report
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/mjibson/esc
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/ory/go-acc
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/pavius/impi/cmd/impi
    cd ./internal/tools && go install github.com/tcnksm/ghr
    cd ./internal/tools && go install golang.org/x/tools/cmd/goimports
    cd ./internal/tools && go install honnef.co/go/tools/cmd/staticcheck
    cd cmd/mdatagen && go install ./
    $ make otelcol
    go generate ./...
    receiver/hostmetricsreceiver/codegen.go:17: running "mdatagen": exec: "mdatagen": executable file not found in $PATH
    service/internal/gen.go:17: running "esc": exec: "esc": executable file not found in $PATH
    Makefile:147: recipe for target 'otelcol' failed
    make: * [otelcol] Error 1
    Anyone know how to fix it?
    1 reply
    Juraci Paixão Kröhling
    can I get a review from an approver for this one? open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-builder#3
    Tigran Najaryan
    @/all the last few times we had very low participation for the Collector SIG meeting that is scheduled for 4pm Pacific Time. We would like to change the meeting time to 9am Pacific Time every week. If anyone has a strong desire to participate the 4pm meeting please object, otherwise we will move it to 9am.

    Thanks for the heads up @tigrannajaryan . If it's okay with maintainers to discuss proposals over gitter or github Issues and provide feedback, then I'm okay with this and understand the motivation behind the change; hopefully it will be easy to get the attention of maintainers and community at large :).

    I'm perhaps one of a small handful of folks based in the APAC region that benefit from the 4pm meeting slot; and grateful that the 4pm timeslot was available at the time to gather feedback for a proposal. Many thanks for trying to accommodate APAC!

    Tigran Najaryan
    @albertteoh sure, gitter and github will remain available for discussions.
    Milo Espitia
    Hello Guys!
    Milo Espitia
    I got a question. We migrate from Opentracing to Opentelemetry (Java) and deploy jaeger-agents into each host, but I don't know how to send the traces to the jaeger-agents using the protocol UDP/6831; do you know how we can do it? Or any recommendation to migrate?
    Or should we replace the jaeger-agents for open telemetry collectors?
    Bogdan Drutu
    I don't think in Java we support the UDP protocol we support proto/http or thrift/http I think
    2 replies
    Milo Espitia
    so how can I send data to a jaeger-agent using opentelemetry?
    3 replies
    Jude DSouza
    Hi all, just wanted to know if the OpenTelemetry collector's design allows one to run multiple replica instances of the collector, for example behind a load balancer?
    12 replies
    Endre Karlson
    So anyone looked at OTEL Collector vs https://github.com/timberio/vector/ ?
    8 replies
    Rashmi Modhwadia
    Hello Team, Anyone from new-relic opentelemetry-collector-contrib space and can please help me? I am not sure if its an account error or not?
    I have a basic setup with logging exporter and new-relic exporter. Logging exporter logs my metrics on console but NR exporter fails with
    otel          |         {"component_kind": "exporter", "component_type": "newrelic", "component_name": "newrelic"}
    otel          | 2021-01-22T01:37:01.839Z        error   newrelicexporter/newrelic.go:47 2021/01/22 01:37:01.839525 {"err":"unexpected post response code: 403: Forbidden"}
    3 replies
    Tigran Najaryan
    I didn't see any objections so Collector SIG meeting will be at 9am PT starting from this week. Calendar updated.
    Weyert de Boer
    Are there any plans to support logging in the collector? If so, would it support something similar to the trace processors?
    2 replies
    Hello Team, Is there any guideline on how can I migrate from using vendor auto instrumentation to opentelemetry phase wise. I can not change all the applications in one go. There will be some applications with vendor specific tracing. New applications will start using opentelemetry tracing. I am not sure how this will come together.
    7 replies
    Pablo Baeyens
    Hi all, I have this PR open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib#2275 which was assigned to review by @//nilebox which is no longer an approver. It already has a review from Datadog. Should a different reviewer be assigned to it?
    Hello All.. i am in the process of upgrading otel collector from v0.10.0 to v0.19.0.. One of thing i observed is that for otlp http , it expects trace and span id to be plain hex instead of base64 encoded..
    Is it true? Would like to know the reason behind this change if possible
    Weyert de Boer
    I am trying to get a better understanding of collector. If I am using GKE is the idea thats is a sidecar in every pod? And then have those instances send to a 'main' collector which collects it from those and this 'main' collector finally sends its data to prometheus and/or zipkin?
    Or do the service in the pod just send it straight to the 'main' collector? Is there any advise about this?
    best practices
    the goal is to send traces to stackdriver and send metrics to prometheus
    Advise would be appreciated
    Jordan Sinko
    Anyone get the awsxray exporter to actually work? I just configured the exporter like so:
            region: us-east-1
    I am able to export using the logging exporter and datadog exporter fine. Is there any prereqs that need to be up outside of the collector?
    5 replies
    Jordan Sinko
    Also seeing nothing related to xray in the logs besides the exporter starting/started logs