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    Hemant Gupta

    Hello folks,

    I am facing issues while accessing Fineract API on local machine (through Postman). Showing 401 Unauthorized error using credentials : fineract and password (Basic Auth). Appreciate if anyone could help.

    Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 11.07.27 PM.png
    Saurav Rao
    Hi all, I would like to contribute to android app of mifos, where can i get started?
    Danish Jamal
    Hello Saurav,
    You can start by joining the android specific gitter channel and interact with mentors and contributors. Also you can take a look into idea list page.
    Saurav Rao
    Sure, Thanks a lot @danishjamal104
    Víctor Romero
    @_hmg65_twitter it is possible to take a look at the log of your finaneract instance?
    Chinmay Kulkarni

    @/all Hello students and contributors,

    I hope you guys have gone through the Mifos Project Ideas List for GSoC '22 and decided which project you will contribute to this summer. As the deadline to submit your proposals is just around the corner, by now, you should be finishing up your proposals and giving the final touches.

    I apologize for posting this late but here are some general guidelines to follow:

    1. Please put the name of your project as the heading.
    2. We have created an application template here. We encourage you to use the same but you are free to edit the template as you see fit.
    3. You are not required to elaborate on each and every point mentioned in the project ideas list. Elaborate on the points that YOU think are relevant.
    4. We want to see how well you have understood the requirements of the project and how confident you are in delivering it. We want to see whether you have clarity on implementing the items mentioned in the ideas list.
    5. Please keep your timeline realistic. Don't overpromise. We know the scope of some projects is really big and can spill over the summer but that's okay. We want to see how well can you take into account all to keep things real.
    6. Make sure there are absolutely no grammatical mistakes. If needed, run your proposal through Grammarly. They have a chrome plugin for this.
    7. Make sure the formatting (font size of heading, content, etc.) is uniform throughout the proposal. Keep the font of content as 12, if possible.
    8. Avoid using many colors. Keep it simple.
    9. Get your proposals reviewed by our mentors or past GSoC students or anyone who is in Open Source.

    You can send your proposal's google doc link to me for review. My email is chinmaykulkarni8@gmail.com. Subject: GSoC '22 Proposal <Project Name>
    Body: Your name, and proposal link.

    For any more questions, feel free to post them here and one of our team members should get back to you.
    All the best! Cheers!

    Latif Amars
    Hi! We are trying to install Mifos on Kubernetes and are encountering an error that prevents frontend from connecting to the backend due to Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin. Does anyone know a workaround for this?
    Tapasweni Pathak
    Hi folks, would it be ok to share the planner* here, for thoughts, comments, suggestions, or any enhancements.
    (from someone[1] who is interested in the project[2] and GSoD work)
    *from Statement of interest
    [1] https://github.com/tapaswenipathak/tapaswenipathak.github.io/blob/master/Resume.pdf
    [2] https://mifosforge.jira.com/wiki/spaces/RES/pages/3038248961/Season+of+Docs+-+2022
    i sent an email to info@mifos.org on 18th April, is that an active and right email id?
    Víctor Romero
    @latifamars make sure that you have the CORS policies open for the source (It could be the community app or any other) and also on K8s make sure to run to apply the CORS policies which are related to the source dns/url, headers, http methods, we prefer to use API gateways for that
    Keila Mulero
    Dear all: I am a MIFOS user, need help with the following: forced closures
    When the last payment of a client at the time of posting Mifos does not accept it.
    And in the case of delinquency, define the link between amount. Thanks Keila Mulero
    Elouragini Rim
    Hello Everyone can someone help me to acitvate and test the OAuth2 in Fineract ?
    Víctor Romero
    @ryma11 check the readme in the GitHub

    There is also an OAuth2 authentication scheme available. Again, two ways to enable it:

    Use environment variables (best choice if you run with Docker Compose):
    Use JVM parameters (best choice if you run the Spring Boot JAR):
    java -Dfineract.security.basicauth.enabled=false -Dfineract.security.oauth.enabled=true -jar fineract-provider.jar

    after that you can send a POST to https://localhost:8443/fineract-provider/1/oauth/token for getting the token which can be used in your client application
    Elouragini Rim
    Hi @IOhacker, in fact i tried that but still have a problem with the post request, can you please send me a clear POST exemple with the different params of OAuth(like :Grant Type, Client ID, Client Secret, scope, etc). thanks
    Víctor Romero
    curl --location --request POST 'https://localhost:8443/fineract-provider/v1/oauth/token?username=mifos&password=password&grant_type=password' \
    --header 'platform-tenantid: tn01' \
    --header 'authorization: Basic Y2xpZW50Og==' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
    try this
    just change the headers to match your installation maybe is the default tenant
    Elirehema Paul
    Hello my company is looking for apache-fineract expert to help for support of some tasks. We have internal developers with many clients issues so we are looking to out-source some tasks. We give you a task with agreed amount, you implement it in apache-fineract, after you finish we pay you and internal developers will move the changes from you PR to our platform. If you are interested or have any question do not hesitate to send an email to elirehema@amala.co.tz
    Elouragini Rim
    Hello everyone, can someone explain the use case of Funds transfer ! why isn't allowed with the endpoint https://localhost:8443/fineract-provider/api/v1/self/accounttransfers between different clients( who belongs to different self service users) ,, and how we can solve this problem with or without the Third Party Account Transfer. Thanks
    Elouragini Rim
    PS: this two accounts belongs to two different clients of two different self service users
    Account1 : client1 (self service user 1) and Account2: client2(self service user 2)
    Víctor Romero
    @ryma11 the use cases that you are requesting are not available in the original source code, same institution - different account holder, different institution - different account holder
    for accomplishing those use cases the self service API REst endpoints should be developed or you can use API orchestration
    Elouragini Rim
    Hi @IOhacker thank you for your response, what about the Third Party Account Transfer can you explain me this use case ! because i can't relate
    From the official API docs=> Third Party Account Transfer: Ability to create new third party transfer of monetary funds from one account to another.
    POST https://DomainName/api/v1/self/accounttransfers?type="tpt" No Request Body:
    "fromOfficeId": 1,
    "fromClientId": 1,
    "fromAccountType": 2,
    "fromAccountId": 1,
    "toOfficeId": 1,
    "toClientId": 2,
    "toAccountType": 2,
    "toAccountId": 2,
    "dateFormat": "dd MMMM yyyy",
    "locale": "en",
    "transferDate": "01 August 2011",
    "transferAmount": "112.45",
    "transferDescription": "A description of the transfer"
    i think this endpoint can resolve my issue but i can undestant it
    Víctor Romero
    what is the part that is not clear?
    Elouragini Rim
    actually i'm not an expert in fintechs this is my first time with such open source project and i've leaned stuff, so i don't know what does Third Party Account Transfer means in this case
    Víctor Romero
    We had to extend the self services APIs (code and orchestration) because it is required first to add beneficiaries, add (here in Mexico) by regulation OTP for any transaction, and to record the activity done during the self service session
    Third party account = not your account, the account of other person in the same institution or different institution, example, my account is a Third Party Account if your are using the self service
    the API itself is asking information about the source information (office, client, account type) and the target account (office, client, account type) + the date/time when the transaction was requested to be executed (format and locale are used for handling the date/time format), the amount and the description of the transaction
    take a look at that information
    Elouragini Rim
    if i well understood, if i have an account X (self service user Rim) and i wanna transfert money to your account Y(self service user victor) , your Y account called Third party account ?
    Víctor Romero
    Elouragini Rim
    ok thank you i'll try it
    Víctor Romero
    your welcome
    Bruce Tushabe
    hello Friends , what is the difference between Apache Fineract and Community App and how do they work together ?
    Víctor Romero
    @BruceTushabe Community App is the Front End (UI) and Apache Fineract is the Back End
    Elouragini Rim
    Hello everyone i'm preparing my end of studies project and i need to connect fineract to payement hub then to mojaloop ,, can someone help me configuring the payment hub and test it please ?
    Víctor Romero
    Elouragini Rim
    I read it already and worked with Fineract for 3 months, now i need to integrate and test the payement hub , actually i found many many repos and i'm confused which one should i use and which API
    Víctor Romero
    @ryma11 please follow the instruction in the documents, they have been developed to run on Azure Cloud, any different cloud or local development should be done by yourself, the is required to have knowledge about K8s, Docker, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Zeebe, MySQL, Helm and Azure Cloud for deploying it, there is a barebone environment which can help for the minimum setup