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Sep 2016
Henning Redestig
Sep 14 2016 08:34
The winning date for the planning meeting is October 13th 16:00 - 17:00 (CET). We will use hangouts on air to organize the event - you can join interactively on and the youtube stream will be on
Christian Diener
Sep 14 2016 16:15
Okay, thanks for organizing that!
Christian Diener
Sep 14 2016 19:48
Wow, the new github is neat...
Peter St. John
Sep 14 2016 21:45
did we want to migrate from trello to the new github projects?
Mike Mundy
Sep 14 2016 21:55
I'd vote for using github. I find it easier to manage things when they are all in one place.
Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Sep 14 2016 22:47
Yes we should migrate, need to test it first though. Has anyone tried 'projects' yet? Can I give access to people that do not have write rights on the cobrapy repo?
Peter St. John
Sep 14 2016 23:56
I haven’t tried projects, looks like they just launched today?
Maybe the better model would be to add additional collaborators to the project, and then use protected branches and the new PR review system.