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Sep 2016
Christian Diener
Sep 15 2016 03:35
I think projects only allows cards for issues and pull requests (not sure though) so the Trello idea board is fine for now and could be translated to issues after discussion. I would be fine if an admin moves the cards in projects.
Henning Redestig
Sep 15 2016 08:25
I saw the trello board mainly to plan the meeting and get the main ideas down, maintaining both trello and github issues as separate tools adds overhead but most of all confusion. I agree to move to github projects and happy to organize that as part of preparing agenda - sort and order ideas
Christian Diener
Sep 15 2016 11:35
Yeah that's what I meant. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Sep 15 2016 12:09
@pstjohn Yes protected branches might be the way to go.